Thank you for joining us on The Bridge of our expedition ship where you can navigate your virtual SOI journey. This logbook will be updated regularly with a number of digital events, creative materials and engaging content. We look forward to learning, listening, creating and exploring with you. There is a lot on the horizon so get ready for the shared journey ahead. Remember – one hand for the ship!

Landing Site:

Planet Earth

Population: 7.8 billion and counting

Earth Day is a global event celebrated on April 22nd every year to support environmental protection. Climate change is a global threat that our planet faces every day, and that’s why this month we are dedicating this issue of The Bridge to climate action.




Infiltration Manual

Infiltration Manual

If you’re looking to make change in your community, but have no idea where to start, this is for you! We’re excited to share the...


Who? By Sophie Weider

Who? By Sophie Weider

Inspired by the 2019 Students on Ice Arctic expedition, Who? follows the journey of a Snowy owl, Ukpik, in search of a new home, after his own is...


Noun/ ‘brij’ /
a: (nautical) : the forward part of a ship’s superstructure from which the ship is navigated
// come up to the Bridge, we’ve spotted Bowhead whales off Port side!
b: a time, place, or means of connection or transition
// building a bridge between cultures

What’s on Deck

On the next issue of the Bridge we will be focusing on the power of experiential learning. Hear from alumni who have participated in delegations around the world, read some findings from a study conducted on SOI’s expeditions, watch how these experiences impact youth, and more!

SOI Staff Pick

In August 2017, Stephanie Quon (Arctic 2019 alum) started The Sprouts Initiative, a community organization focused on sustainability and accessibility. The initiative began as a project focused on minimizing waste, where they collected end-of-day food from bakeries and donated them to local shelters. As of August 2020, the initiative has donated over 10,000 meals. Through the past three years, they have also received $31,500 in federal grants to fund community-based accessibility projects.

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Alumni Making Waves

Leah Davidson, Antarctic 2011 alum and 2020 Climate Action Cohort member has found a way to make learning about climate change fun for kids with her Environmental Escape Rooms. Leah wanted to build an online experience that could serve as a virtual field trip for schools affected by the pandemic. She recently received grants from Passion to Purpose and the Jane Goodall Institute for her initiative.

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Recap & Briefing: Climate Action Cohort Webinar Series

The Climate Action Cohort (CAC) aims to support the development of youth climate leaders by bridging the gaps between policy, community action and youth engagement through collaborative and experiential learning at local and global levels. Get a glimpse of what it’s all about with our 2020 CAC webinar series.

Did you know?

Hey Alumni, did you know we are launching a couple of mini-micro grants on April 20th?

If you’re an SOI Alum, from anywhere in the world, with an idea for a climate-focused project, we want to help you! 

Go to MySOI for more information.

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