Thank you for joining us on The Bridge of our expedition ship where you can navigate your virtual SOI journey. This logbook will be updated regularly with a number of digital events, creative materials and engaging content. We look forward to learning, listening, creating and exploring with you. There is a lot on the horizon so get ready for the shared journey ahead. Remember – one hand for the ship!

Landing Site:

SOI Headquarters

45°26’39N, 75°48’39W

Home of the SOI Alumni Program, which launched in 2000 when the first alumni stepped off expedition and started making the world a better place. With time, the Alumni Program has adapted and expanded to support this diverse and continuously growing community. Today, we have more than seven avenues to engage alumni in leadership and capacity development, including microgrants, global youth delegations, a mentorship program, a robust online community portal and more.


Lemmings in a Changing Arctic

Lemmings in a Changing Arctic

As the Arctic warms two to three times faster than the rest of the planet, the increasingly rapid melt of ice and snow are having significant...


Youth Perspectives on COP25

Youth Perspectives on COP25

In 2019 SOI’s inaugural Climate Action Cohort (CAC) attended COP25 to listen, learn and engage in international climate policy. What is it like to...


What inspires climate action?

What inspires climate action?

The changing climate impacts us all no matter where in the world you live. SOI wants to know what inspires you to take climate action? Join us in...


Global Impacts of a Changing Arctic

Global Impacts of a Changing Arctic

The Arctic is warming faster than anywhere else on the planet. Dr. Brendan Kelly discusses what this means and the importance of scientists,...


Noun/ ‘brij’ /
a: (nautical) : the forward part of a ship’s superstructure from which the ship is navigated
// come up to the Bridge, we’ve spotted Bowhead whales off Port side!
b: a time, place, or means of connection or transition
// building a bridge between cultures

What’s on Deck

Our next release will be focused on Circumpolar Stories from the Land. We will be featuring content from a variety of perspectives on what it means to value and respect the land we are on. Stay tuned to hear stories from across the Arctic!

SOI Staff Pick

The SOI Alumni Program is about connections. Connecting to opportunities, resources, and each other. MySOI – our new online alumni portal – has all of this and more! Whether you’re looking for a mentor, searching for career opportunities, or curious about the next event in your community, this is the place to find it. Activate your account or sign in today! 

Alumni Making Waves

Cason Crane, Arctic 2008 alum, was the first openly LGBT person and fifth youngest climber to reach the highest peak on each continent – The Seven Summits. He raised over $135,000 for charity in the process. Read about his experience during these adventures and what he has learned since his SOI expedition. Learn More.

Recap & Briefing

Listen to SOI alumni Erinn Drage and Justin Fisch talk about their time with Parks Canada and how it led to their participation on SOI Arctic expeditions and receiving alumni Microgrants!

Recipes from the Galley

Did you know?

We have 3272 alumni from 52 countries? Wow! That’s 3272 stories of impact and passion. Did we mention we’re going to host an event this November to connect those stories?! That’s all we can say for now, but stay tuned for more updates coming soon!

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