Thank you for joining us on The Bridge of our expedition ship where you can navigate your virtual SOI journey. This logbook will be updated regularly with a number of digital events, creative materials and engaging content. We look forward to learning, listening, creating and exploring with you. There is a lot on the horizon so get ready for the shared journey ahead. Remember – one hand for the ship!

An audio message from Tara Mascarenhas, Director of Programs

Landing Site:


Population: 0 | 17.7500° N, 142.5000° E

Located in the western Pacific Ocean about 200 kilometres east of the Mariana Islands; it is the deepest oceanic trench on Earth with a known depth of 11,034 metres. If Mount Everest were placed into the trench its peak would still be underwater by more than two kilometres. SOI alum Don Walsh was the first person (along with Jacques Piccard) to reach depth in the Mariana Trench. He was then followed by his son, also an SOI alum, Kelly Drennan Walsh, 60 years later! Learn more about this diving duo in the Listen section!


The Art and Culture of Qajaqs

The Art and Culture of Qajaqs

Did you know the qajaq (kayak) is an Inuit invention? Listen to Maligiaq Padilla from Greenland and Robert Comeau from Nunavut discuss the art of...


Throatboxing with Nelson Tagoona

Throatboxing with Nelson Tagoona

Join us to learn about throatboxing with award winning artist (and SOI alum) Nelson Tagoona. Nelson is a pioneer in throatboxing, which is a unique...


Sewing with Annie Petaulassie

Sewing with Annie Petaulassie

Learn about Inuit sewing techniques with elder, educator, SOI alum and master seamstress Annie Petaulassie. Skilled in sewing, beading and making...


Open Channels Art Exhibition

Open Channels Art Exhibition

Open Channels presents the works of visual artists who took part in the Canada C3 sailing expedition organized for the 150th anniversary of...


Noun/ ‘brij’ /
a: (nautical) : the forward part of a ship’s superstructure from which the ship is navigated
// come up to the Bridge, we’ve spotted Bowhead whales off Port side!
b: a time, place, or means of connection or transition
// building a bridge between cultures

What’s on Deck

In celebration of the United Nations International Day of Women and Girls in Science (February 11th), and in an effort to shine a light on all people who are under represented due to gender, our next release of The Bridge will focus on people who identify as women and their contributions to society through STEM.  Join us to learn how their valuable skills, knowledge and perspectives are making our world a better place!

SOI Staff Pick

Did you know that seaweed and other marine plants produce 70-80 per cent of the oxygen we breathe? Dr. Amanda Savoie, a research scientist at the Canadian Museum of Nature, explains why seaweed is critical to our planet. Learn more by watching this 2min video clip. Watch here.

Alumni Making Waves

We talk about plastic pollution, but these C3 alumni are all about action. Their project, Mission 100 Tonnes has mobilized thousands of global citizens to remove 100 tons of trash from the world’s waterways and oceans! Students on Ice interviewed Lyne and Jimmy about their project, expedition experience, and future plans for Mission 100 Tonnes. Learn more.

Recap & Briefing

What is Blue Futures Pathways? Click on this block to watch the video and learn more!

Recipes from the Galley

Did you know?

WWF-Canada is working in partnership with the communities of Kinngait, Sanikiluaq and Arviat to build community-based, commercial inshore fisheries? Building sustainable fisheries supports the local economy while ensuring the sustainability of marine ecosystems.

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