Welcome to the Bridge!


A platform to learn, connect and engage through inspiring content brought to you by the Students on Ice (SOI) Foundation and our global network of youth, scientists, elders, artists, musicians, authors and more!

Come onboard and join us on The Bridge. From here, you can navigate your journey with us through diverse content shared every two weeks. And this platform serves to connect us to one another, enables the sharing of ideas, and furthers important dialogue on issues we at SOI are passionate about: climate action; healthy oceans and ecosystems; and thriving communities.



Noun/ ‘brij’ /
a: (nautical) : the forward part of a ship’s superstructure from which the ship is navigated
// come up to the Bridge, we’ve spotted Bowhead whales off Port side!
b: a time, place, or means of connection or transition
// building a bridge between cultures


Who is SOI?



SOI is an award-winning organization in youth engagement and polar education. For the past 20 years, our mission has been to contribute to a healthy and sustainable future by providing a platform for learning, and for ideas and cross-cultural collaboration to flourish. Expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic is our flagship program. Through immersive learning journeys and a global network of professional development opportunities, we connect youth to nature and foster in them the inspiration and leadership skills to serve tomorrow.

The current COVID environment has changed the lives of many, and for SOI, our expedition program is on hold. However, our work to inspire youth, and to provide opportunities for connection, understanding and collaboration on the most pressing issues facing our planet is more important than ever!