Climate Solutions

“The thing about climate is that you can either be overwhelmed by the complexity of the problem or fall in love with the creativity of the solutions.” – Mary Heglar
This month we’re bringing you various climate solutions that you may not have heard of before. Learn about what others are doing and how you can get involved!

Pride Month

All month long we will be celebrating and highlighting stories and contributions of people in the LGBTQ+ community! We will be featuring chats with SOI alumni, books and podcasts we recommend, and ways you can be an ally.

Climate Action

As a supporter of SOI, we know you care about the planet and the impacts of climate change. That’s why our newsletter this month is completely focused on climate action. Read on for inspiration from youth taking climate action, advice for creating change in your community, and some suggestions for your next favourite podcast.

Women & Girls in STEM

February 11th is International Day of Women and Girls in Science so this month we’re Celebrating women in STEM! STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and math. Check out this release of the SOI Bridge to hear from people who identify as women about their experiences in fields such as biochemical and civil engineering, botany and oceanology. Don’t miss special guest Anousheh Ansari, serial entrepreneur and CEO of the XPRIZE who captured headlines as the first female private space explorer!

Arts & Culture

Art and culture are invaluable aspects of society. They help to inform, inspire, and translate experiences that transcend place and time! In this issue of The Bridge, we invite you to dive into diverse forms of art and culture across SOI’s global network. Join us to learn about the art of qajaqing and its cultural significance; listen to the unique sounds of throatboxing; create your own piece of art and culture through an Inuit sewing workshop; explore works of art inspired by the Canada C3 expedition; and more!

SOI Alumni Program

In this logbook we are focusing entirely on the SOI Alumni Program and the incredible work of alumni around the globe! Tune in on The Bridge to learn more about opportunities to get involved; participate in a photo contest; hear from our alumni who are working with Parks Canada; and more!

Mental Health & Wellness

For this release of The Bridge, we are exploring the themes of wellness and connecting to nature as a form of self care and healing. We know that with the current state of the world, it is difficult to explore nature the way we might have wanted. We hope that this release inspires you to make music, meditate, and head outside, even if it’s just a walk through your local park, to disconnect and reflect on ways you can take care of yourself. 

Celebrating National Indigenous History Month

June is National Indigenous History Month–a time to honour and celebrate the history, heritage and diversity of Inuit, Metis and First Nations people of Canada. In recognition, we are excited to share diverse voices and content from Indigenous Peoples and communities across Canada!

Welcome to The Bridge

Thank you for joining us on The Bridge of our ship where you can navigate your virtual SOI journey. Every two weeks you will receive a new logbook with a number of digital events, creative materials and engaging content. We look forward to learning, listening, creating and exploring with you. There is a lot on the horizon so get ready for the shared journey ahead. Remember, one hand for the ship!

Ocean Week

The United Nations proclaimed a Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, to be held from 2021 to 2030. This Decade will provide a framework to strengthen connections and weave partnerships between all communities working to study, conserve and sustainably use the ocean and its resources. Tomorrow, June 8th is the start of Ocean Week, and SOI’s Blue Futures Pathways team will be presenting and networking at various ocean and freshwater-related events. 

Connecting to Nature

Grab your sunscreen and sneakers because this issue of the Bridge is all about encouraging you to get outside and connect to nature. We all know that spending time outdoors makes us feel better. But experiential learning and being outside has many more benefits than we can start to imagine, even if it’s just in your own neighbourhood!

The Power of Storytelling

Stories are incredibly powerful. They connect us to one another and help us to contextualize the larger issues facing our world. In this release of The Bridge we are focusing on the power of storytelling. Join us for live events about film and visual art. Read through and watch various stories from SOI alumni. We hope you enjoy this edition and are inspired to tell more stories in your own life!

Ocean & the Sustainable Blue Economy

This issue of The Bridge is all about the ocean and the Sustainable Blue Economy. Join us as we explore the challenges and opportunities facing our ocean and freshwater sectors and opportunities to get involved. Are you a youth interested in blue jobs? Learn about the education and employment opportunities through SOI’s new program, Blue Futures Pathways!

Circumpolar Stories from the Arctic

Storytelling is an integral part of Indigenous culture as a way to pass down knowledge, teach values, culture and history. In this issue of the Bridge, we welcome voices from across the Circumpolar Arctic. Join us to learn about the Inuit Guardians program, listen to an alum share stories of dog sledding, hear from an award-winning author about the art of storytelling,  explore the cross-section of Indigenous knowledge and conservation, and more!

Our Changing Environment

For this release of The Bridge, we are focusing on our changing environment. Hear from youth, scientists and industry leaders on the impact of a warming Arctic on our world, learn how communities in the North are adapting, and share what inspires you to take climate action. All of this and more on The Bridge!

We're Travelling to Antarctica

SOI has led 15 expeditions to the Antarctic and we look forward to returning in 2022! Join us on The Bridge where we’ll learn about Antarctica’s diverse birds, how to start a polar career, why Canada should become a consultative member of the Antarctic Treaty and more. Then test it all in a live trivia night!

Happy World Oceans Day!

Happy World Oceans Day! Today, and all week, we are joining the millions of people around our planet celebrating and honouring the ocean. It is a time to learn about the impact we have on the ocean and how the ocean impacts us and our planet. Join us in exploring the new National Marine Conservation Area, Tallurutiup Imanga; listen to an interview with Sarah Harmer and a song inspired by this region; watch a powerful call to action by youth in our “Two Breaths” video; enjoy a live concert with Ian Tamblyn and more on The Bridge.