Thank you for joining us on The Bridge of our expedition ship where you can navigate your virtual SOI journey. This logbook will be updated regularly with a number of digital events, creative materials and engaging content. We look forward to learning, listening, creating and exploring with you. There is a lot on the horizon so get ready for the shared journey ahead. Remember – one hand for the ship!

An audio message from Zareen Cheema, Tech enthusiast, Engineer and Business Strategist

Landing Site:


Population: 1200 | 77°50′47″S 166°40′06″EE

The largest of all Antarctic stations, McMurdo Base is an American research station located on Ross Island in the Ross Sea. In 1974, Mary Alice McWhinnie was appointed chief scientist for the winter Antarctic program, the first female to hold that position in Antarctica.



Women in STEM panel

Women in STEM panel

Roslyn Bern, President of the Leacross Foundation, sat down with three young women who are studying and working in STEM fields. They discuss their...


Who’s the Contamination Culprit?

Who’s the Contamination Culprit?

You live in a small town where the drinking water has become contaminated! In your  town, most homes and businesses have their own private wells. By...



Noun/ ‘brij’ /
a: (nautical) : the forward part of a ship’s superstructure from which the ship is navigated
// come up to the Bridge, we’ve spotted Bowhead whales off Port side!
b: a time, place, or means of connection or transition
// building a bridge between cultures

What’s on Deck

A good story can be incredibly powerful in changing hearts, minds and the world. Our next issue of the SOI Bridge will dive into the power of storytelling. Join us to learn how different forms of storytelling can help get messages across on key issues. We will cover traditional storytelling, film making, a workshop on how to market your personal story, and more!

SOI Staff Pick

Ann Makosinski, Canada C3 Leg 9 alum, is a 22-year-old inventor and international speaker. At the age of 15 she was inspired by her friend’s problem in the Philippines of having no electricity or light to study with. Ann invented the hollow flashlight — a flashlight that runs off the heat of the human hand. She also invented the eDrink, and has more inventions in the works. Learn more about Ann here!

Alumni Making Waves

With a legacy of community service and scientific research in her wake, Arctic 2008 alum, Mariana Hill Cruz is surging forward towards international impact via cutting edge scientific research and engagement. She currently works at a world-wide leading institute of marine research, GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, where she does research in Marine Biogeochemical and Ecosystem Modelling. Learn more!

Recap & Briefing: Oceanology (Oceans) with Ayana Johnson

Host of the popular podcast Ologies, Alie Ward, has a conversation with Dr. Ayana Johnson, ocean and policy expert about oceanology. Learn about some trivia and fun facts about the ocean, as well as more somber topics such as ocean health and acidification, climate change, pollution, and more. Listen!

Did you know?

Did you know that the STEM acronym is often adapted to include an A making it STEAM! The A represents the arts. At SOI we celebrate people in all fields and interests. We know that art and creative thinking plays a critical role in celebrating culture, innovating new ideas and adding an important balance to a very STEM focused world. On release 9 of The Bridge we did an entire newsletter focused on Arts & Culture. Check out the website to see past content, including Annie Petaulassie’s sewing workshop here!

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