When applying for an SOI expedition, you probably do not imagine yourself eating ice cream on a ship. For many of our alumni, ice cream is a fond memory of their time onboard – a deliciously sweet dessert eaten with friends after a jam packed day! This week with our recipe we’re going simple, but we have a challenge. 

We challenge you to go berry picking yourself or to stop by the local farmer’s market! Pick some  fresh berries, fruit or other toppings and then put them on your ice cream. Take it up a notch by trying out a local ice cream shop or company who make their own flavours! 

If you can’t find any of this locally then that’s okay, just grab a bowl of ice cream and chat with your expedition friends like you did on the ship!


  • Ice cream (we recommend vanilla)
  • Fresh berries (or other fruit)
  • Any other toppings you can think of


Add berries and toppings to your ice cream. Then enjoy!


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