Inspired by the 2019 Students on Ice Arctic expedition, Who? follows the journey of a Snowy owl, Ukpik, in search of a new home, after his own is left uninhabitable by the impacts of climate change. This inspiring and informative Arctic tale is a wonderful story for teachers and parents to share with younger children and start discussions about climate change and environmental stewardship. 

The book is launching the first week of April, check out for more information and get notified when the book is ready for purchase!

This book was made possible thanks to a Students on Ice microgrant.

I love this book and I am proud this was written and that I was asked to write in syllabics. I listened to hunters and stories from the land for many years during my time with the Inuit Broadcasting Corporation. This book is a wonderful way to celebrate our land, animals, and culture.

Julie Ivalu

About the Author

Sophie Weider is an Alumni of the 2019 Students on Ice Arctic expedition. She is a strong believer of the power of visual arts to inspire positive change. After returning home from the expedition, Sophie was inspired to create an art exhibition, entitled “Endangered”, which sought to bring to light the devastating impact of climate change on the Arctic. In 2018, Sophie wrote and illustrated her first children’s book, “The Girl Who Saved a Tree”, in order to raise awareness for the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest. With the support of an SOI micro-grant, she is currently working on publishing her second book, “Who?”, which follows the journey of a Snowy owl in search of a new home, after his own is left uninhabitable by climate change. Through her children’s books, Sophie hopes to inspire children to become environmental stewards in their community. Sophie is currently living in Montreal, Quebec, studying Environment at McGill University.