Isabella de la Houssaye is an endurance athlete, mountain climber, SOI alum, and certified yoga instructor who continues to inspire, all while battling lung cancer. In her interview with SOI Founder & President Geoff Green, she discusses mental health, living intentionally and the power of mindfulness for wellbeing.
Photo (c) Isabella de la Houssaye

About Isabella
“Isabella is one of the most extraordinary and inspiring people I’ve ever met and I’m very honoured to call her a friend. She is generous, humble, strong, courageous, wise and loaded with integrity.  She is driven to make a positive impact on the world and those around her, through everything she touches.”

This is how Founder & President of the Students on Ice Foundation, Geoff Green, described Isabella de la Houssaye. In addition to being a person of inspiring character, she is also an outdoors enthusiast, businesswoman, longtime mountain climber, veteran marathoner, triathlete and mother. We are incredibly grateful to have had Isabella’s support through the years as a member of our Board of Advisors, and a longtime supporter and friend.

Read about Isabella in her New York Times article here: