Listen to Arctic 2019 alumni Nuiana Hardenberg and Kelsy Gill speak on how climate change is impacting their communities in Greenland and the Seychelles, and why youth should be taking climate action.

Recap and Briefing

by Kelsy Gill and Nuiana Hardenberg

Kelsy and Nuiana are passionate about helping their communities and both came away from the 2019 Arctic Expedition with new perspectives on climate change. Learn more about Kelsy and Nuiana’s experiences on expedition in the videos below.

This is the journey through their eyes

Nuiana is from Nuuk, Greenland and while on her studies has increased her appreciation and love for her own home. Watch the video below to hear about her SOI experience and the deep love she has for her homeland.

Kelsy is from the Seychelles, an archipelago of 450 islands found along the east coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean. Her SOI experience allowed her to see many connections between people from her community and the Arctic. Hear about her passion for protecting coastal regions, witness her first reactions to experiencing the Arctic and hear about where she plans to go in the future.

Both Kelsy and Nuiana received scholarships from Canada Goose to participate in SOI’s 2019 Arctic expedition. Canada Goose is a long-time partner and supporter of Students on Ice and we are grateful for their continued commitment to support the Students on Ice Foundation.