Listen to SOI alumni Erinn Drage and Justin Fisch talk about their time with Parks Canada and how it led to their participation on SOI Arctic expeditions and receiving alumni Microgrants!

Recap and Briefing

by Erinn Drage & Justin Fisch

This interview was made possible with support from Parks Canada.

Erinn Drage

Erinn is a conservationist and nature advocate originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia. A proud SOI 2015 Arctic Expedition alumnus, she fell in love with arctic and subarctic environments during her first visit to northern Canada in 2014 and has been working on polar expedition ships in both the Arctic and Antarctica since 2018. She is currently working toward a MSc. at Penn State University, where her research focuses on park and protected areas management. Erinn has a background in environmental sciences, wilderness advocacy, tourism, outdoor recreation, and documentary filmmaking, and spends her free time much like her time spent working — engaging in, or dreaming about, adventures in nature.

Justin Fisch

Justin is a lawyer by trade and an outdoor guide by passion. His passion for environmental protection and protected area systems led him to work in environmental law and policy, where he now advises clients on legal compliance with environmental regulatory regimes, impact investing, and climate law. Justin teaches environmental law at the University of Ottawa and continues to pursue his passions as an outdoor guide in the polar regions.