Join Arctic 2016 and C3 youth alum Sam McBeth in a live interview with Tara Mascarenhas (SOI), Yogendra Chaudhry (ECO Canada), and Sherry Scully (COVE) to learn about opportunities for youth, educators and partners within the Sustainable Blue Economy through Blue Future’s Pathways.

This interview is made possible with support from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada. 

Tara Mascarenhas

Director of Programs,
Students on Ice Foundation

Tara has a BA Honours degree from the University of Leeds (UK), and a background in education and international humanitarian aid and development.  Her work centred around building social and economic capacity as part of post-conflict reconstruction and reconciliation, with a specific focus on women and girls.  Following her emigration to Canada in 2011, Tara worked with two Business Development Associations supporting local economic development and growth.  In 2016, Tara joined the Students on Ice Foundation as the Program Team Lead for Canada C3, Coast to Coast to Coast, an expedition tracing Canada’s coastline from Toronto, ON, to Victoria, BC via the Northwest Passage. This 150-day journey profiled Canada’s coastline, showcasing the communities and people that live, work and play along Canada’s watershed. Since 2019, Tara’s work has focused on researching and developing Blue Futures Pathways, engaging youth in Canada’s emerging Sustainable Blue Economy.  As the Director of Programs, she also oversees the Expedition & Experiential Learning Programs and the Alumni Program.

Sam McBeth

Samantha is an early-career polar biologist and field researcher, guide/naturalist and science communicator from Gatineau, Québec, in Canada. She holds a Master of Science in Northern Studies from Carleton University, where she focused on the social, political and environmental realities of our northern regions. Strangely in love with cold oceans for such a landlocked childhood, she’s been working on ships in the polar regions since 2014. When she can’t get herself to the sea, she’s sharing her experiences and passion for those incredible places, engaging folks young and old into protecting and enjoying nature. She is a strong believer that understanding and experiencing the environment is the key to protecting it.

Dr. Yogendra (Yogi) Chaudhry

Vice President, Professional Services at ECO Canada.

Dr. Yogendra (Yogi) Chaudhry, is Vice President, Professional Services at ECO Canada where he oversees the development and delivery of professional services to support the rapidly growing network of the Canadian environment and sustainability workforce. He provides strategic insight and technical support for environment and sustainability programs, and works closely with a diverse range of stakeholders including government, industry and the environment & sustainability professionals. During his more than two decades of career in Environment and Sustainability, he has worked in numerous countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and North America.

Yogi holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Science and supports a number of Canadian and international academic institutions, standard-setting organizations, and industry associations in various professional capacities.

Yogi leads ECO Canada’s Indigenous programs focused on Indigenous training and employment. ECO Canada’s Indigenous services’ team has successfully worked with participants from over 220 Indigenous communities across Canada.

Dr. Sherry Scully

Executive Director of the COVE Workforce Initiative

Dr. Sherry Scully is the Executive Director of the COVE Workforce Initiative, where she leads a research project relating to workforce development across the National marine and ocean industries.  Through this project, Sherry conducts primary research and works with numerous national and international stakeholders in government, academia, and the private sector, to attract, train, and retain highly qualified people to sustain the competitiveness and growth of the Canadian shipbuilding and marine industries. 

With this focus on current and future workforce, Dr. Scully also conducts projects and programs and develops educational resources for teachers and youth in the K-12 system, and leads an annual Ocean Institute for educators in several regions across the country.  

Sherry holds an interdisciplinary PhD in social psychology and management from Dalhousie University, as well as an MBA with a concentration in change strategy, and two degrees in Education.