Here are 7 climate podcasts you should be listening to now!

Whether you have 10, 20 or 60 minutes you can listen to stories from people experiencing climate firsthand and how they are advocating for change. Have you given podcasts a try? 82% of our Instagram audience said in a recent poll that they are podcast listeners. 

Check out the ones they recommend!

Olivia Rempel (@oliviarempel) recommends How to Save a Planet and said “it’s a podcast for anyone who loves a good climate solutions story. It’s informative and has incredible storytelling.” It is described as “a podcast that asks the big questions: What do we need to do to solve the climate crisis, and how do we get it done?”

Green Dreamer (English)

Green Dreamer describes their podcast as a podcast that “explores our paths to holistic healing, ecological regeneration, and true abundance and wellness *for all*.” With 300 episodes we’re sure you can find something that will spark your interest! Alec B (@alec_bel) on Instagram said “I like this podcast because it presents various problems posed due to climate change and explores the environmental and economic feasibility of different solutions to address these problems. From it, I’ve learned about a lot of promising solutions to address the changing climate that I hadn’t even begun to think about. Each episode ends in a single call-to-action, which usually takes around 15 minutes to complete. Additionally, I find the hosts (an economist and a marine biologist) both a bit whacky and charming.”

Grace Kinney Broderick (@gbdinosaur) said Future Ecologies “is a great podcast for people interested in the environment, nature, and humans’ relationship to both. It’s hosted by an ecologically minded musician and an ex-industrial designer/garden enthusiast. This podcast is unique from other sustainability podcasts that I’ve listened to because it has a real appeal for “audiophiles” by using poetry, music, and speeches among the information. I just love the attention to detail they put into their episodes by making the sounds blend perfectly and providing a myriad of interviewees from indigenous leaders to academic educators to nature nerds. Listening to their podcast is a soothing and informative experience.”

Climate Change is Personal is a new podcast created by Our Climate Voices (OCV). OCV is an organization that aims to humanize the climate disaster through ethical storytelling as a tool for climate justice. They have only published one episode so far, but the debut episode featuring Kali Welch’s story is definitely one everyone should hear.

Fréquence moderne describes their podcast as “Antoine, Sarah and their friends try to answer an ecological question in 20 minutes in a personal, offbeat and impatient way. Global warming, melting ice, fires, pollution, plastic, disappearance of species: ecological disaster is everywhere. Everything is altered, from the ground to the future, from the oceans to our most intimate choices. Everything except our furious urge to discuss and not contemplate disasters in silence. It’s cheaper than psychoanalysis!”

Colin (@thewildgeographer), suggests listening to both World on Fire by CBC and Good Fire by Métis scholar and forest scientist Amy Carsinal Christianson. Colin recommends them because “both podcasts provide a comprehensive review of the social and environmental challenges that climate change will pose to the field of fire management. Paying attention to Indigenous fire knowledge will be key to addressing these changing fire regimes under climate change and landscape change.”