We’re aware that not everyone has a backyard to enjoy the outdoors in. With the current pandemic, this makes it tricky to get all the benefits that you gain when you connect to nature. Here are some of the SOI team’s tips for ways to connect to nature no matter where you live!

Laura O’Grady

Okay I don’t want to be that person that suggests running but alas, I did start jogging this year and like it way more than I thought I would! I think the keys to my success, despite being naturally unathletic, were having an app to track my progress and see friends activities and most of my runs being short and slow so I ended them feeling happy. The biggest barrier is just getting out the door, and once you do that you’re good to go!

Inda Intiar

Find a nearby park and hang out under a tree!

Brendan Kelly
Savannah Sinclair

I recommend having indoor plants. I also like walking around the neighbourhood and looking at things growing and observing the season changes.

Alexandra Leroux

Find a space outside and soak up some sun. This is my go-to way to destress and get a boost of serotonin!